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Knight Surname Meaning and Origin

Knight Surname Meaning and Origin The basic family name Knight is a status name from the Middle English knyghte, which means knight. While it might allude to somebody who was really a knight, it was a name frequently taken by hirelings in an imperial or noble family unit, or even to one who won a title in a challenge of aptitude. The Knight last name may have initially gotten from the Old English criht, which means kid or serving chap, as a word related name for a household worker. Last name Origin: EnglishAlternate Spellings: KNIGHTS, KNIGHTE, KNECHTEN, KNICHTLIN Where People With the KNIGHT Surname Live As indicated by last name circulation information from Forebears, the Knight family name is most usually found in the United States, where it positions 204th and is generally pervasive in the Falkland Islands, where it positions twentieth. WorldNames PublicProfiler puts the Knight last name as generally famous in southern England, and Knight is the 90th most regular family name in England. Knight is likewise a typical last name in Australia, Jamaica, New Zealand and the Isle of Man. Acclaimed People With the KNIGHT Last Name Newton Knight -  American rancher, officer, and southern UnionistBobby Knightâ -resigned American ball coachDaniel Ridgway Knightâ -American craftsman Family history Resources for the Surname KNIGHT In spite of what you may have heard, there is nothing of the sort as a Knight family peak or emblem for the Knight surname. Coats of arms are allowed to people, not families, and may legitimately be utilized distinctly by the continuous male-line relatives of the individual to whom the ensign was initially conceded. Records for various Knight families exist everywhere throughout the world and on the web. Models incorporate the family history of Joseph Knight Sr. also, his significant other, Polly Peck, of New Hampshire and New York, including the two predecessors and relatives. You can discover research on the historical backdrop of the group of Charles Knight, of Virginia, Georgia, and Louisiana. Quest this well known lineage discussion for the Knight last name to discover other people who may be exploring your progenitors, or post your own Knight parentage inquiry. GeneaNets Knight Records incorporate chronicled records, family trees, and different assets for people with the Knight last name, with a fixation on records and families from France and other European nations. You can likewise peruse family trees and connections to genealogical and verifiable records at the Knight parentage and family tree at Genealogy Today. References Cottle, Basil. Penguin Dictionary of Surnames. Baltimore, MD: Penguin Books, 1967.Dorward, David. Scottish Surnames. Collins Celtic (Pocket release), 1998.Fucilla, Joseph. Our Italian Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 2003.Hanks, Patrick, and Flavia Hodges. A Dictionary of Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1989.Hanks, Patrick. Dictionary of American Family Names. Oxford University Press, 2003.Reaney, P.H. A Dictionary of English Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1997.Smith, Elsdon C. American Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 1997.