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What to Expect From Example of Apa Research Paper?

What to Expect From Example of Apa Research Paper? A letter of consent will likewise be sent to them together with a sample copy of the questionnaire which will be used, together with the protocol of the researcher. The papers could be rejected if they don't apply the APA format. You might be accustomed to writing papers in another format like MLA or Chicago style, so it may take a while to find the hang of writing in APA format. The american psychological association apa gives apa format as a means to organize research papers. How to compose an abstract in apa be certain to own a page header. Normally a bibliography just contains references information, but in some instances, you might opt to make an annotated bibliography. Example of Apa Research Paper Can Be Fun for Everyone Nobody will argue that It's quite challenging to compose an academic paper if there's no structure for it. Your document may have an intricate structure, especially in the event the major body will be big. In case the structure of the principal body has many levels, it is preferable to use different numbering styles. The precise structure of your paper will vary somewhat depending on the form of paper you've been requested to write. Type of Example of Apa Research Paper The significance of the outline in the research paper is clear. It is not a task for one day. A research paper is quite a serious type of academic writing. Nevertheless, the real key to a thriving research paper is organization. An individual should realize that every Research Paper is a sophisticated writing because it must contain distinctive research and distinctive idea. Research Papers have come to be an essential part of all graduate and postgraduate class. Introducing Example of Apa Research Paper It's not quite as easy as writing an essay about your summer vacation, your family members, or the previous party you've been to, as you don't need to do research to figure out about your own private experience. Writing a research paper has come to be among the most important components of contemporary procedures of education and is also the one which provides the students' most amount of stress. Some researches discuss an overall topic while some are managing something specific. As the title of the writing implies you have to conduct the research in the certain region of knowledge. What Does Example of Apa Research Paper Mean? If you are pleased with the standard of offered samples, you're welcome to set an order at our website. Much of the info you should create a print book citation are available on the title page. If you don't have an extensive collection of all your references, you may find yourself scrambling to work out where you found certain bits of information which you included in your paper. There's no period at the conclusion of the list of keywords. APA is a well-liked reference style employed in many types of academic writing. Making an apa outline is the very first matter to do in developing a structure on what is going to be written in the paper and the way it's written. It is the first thing to do in creating a structure on what will be written in the paper and how it is written. In the event you're not able to do the research paper as a result of any reason, you can rely on ProfEssays to write for you in accordance to your requirements. Although a level of consistency throughout the network will probably enhance the circumstance, it's also desirabl e to have enough flexibility to accommodate the requirements of specific native populations. If needed, you can supply the list of the principal keywords of your paper, it is going to help different people should they need to seek out your work in internet databases but you need to use only keywords that describe your research in a suitable way. There are news sites, sports, research, shopping, and a number of other types of sites. Whether there are any key limitations of your work, you are able to also mention this in brief within the introduction. Most theories suggest that only very disturbed folks do horrible actions if they're ordered to achieve that. The goal is to supply a succinct explanation of the full document with a concentration on the recommendations that have emerged from your research. If you take a close look at research paper outline examples, you will observe we have several tactics to present the principal body. If you want to compose your research proposal for the very first time, it could be very helpful to use completely free sample research paper on borderline personality disorder. You may also describe the range of your research. The topic shouldn't be an extensive field, but a particular case within the wide area of the researcher's interest. Take our APA research assignment help and decrease the chance of incompletion.

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Ethical Issues in the Insurance Industry - 1326 Words

Ethical Issues in the Insurance Industry Jeff Bolling Columbia College Abstract Ethical behavior is crucial to preserving not only the trust on which insurance transactions are based, but also the public’s trust in the insurance industry as a whole. Sometimes the push to act unethically comes from the consumer. How many consumers expect their insurance agents to falsify their applications or claims? You like your agent, he or she likes you, they really want to help you out, that’s just another conflicting loyalty. Over the years many have experienced unethical behavior by insurance agents. I have had them give their sales pitch to me and my family just to find out later that the product they sold us was completely wrong for†¦show more content†¦In an effort to gather information regarding the key ethical issues encountered in the industry over time, a survey was conducted in 2010. In each survey, participants were presented with 32 ethical issues and were asked to rate each issue on a 5-point scale where 5 meant it is a major problem today in the property and casualty/life insurance industry, and 1 meant that it is not a problem in the industry today. Twenty-eight of the issues reflected ethical problems facing businesses and their employees in general, whereas the other four were ethical issues of special relevance to professionals. Issue means were calculated for each issue in each study and the issues in each study were ranked according to the relative size of their means as compared with those of the other issues in that study. Analysis of data from recent surveys indicated that in 2003, the extent to which most of the 32 issues studied were perceived as presenting ethical problems to those working in the life insurance industry had diminished somewhat from the troubled ethical environment during the first half of the 1990s. However, the key ethical issues encountered in the life insurance business changed little from 1990 to 2003. Eight of the 10 issues perceived as presenting the greatest ethical problems for the industry were the same in all three life insurance studies, andShow MoreRelatedAnalyzing Michael Moores Sicko as a Healthcare Film734 Words   |  3 PagesMoore movie pointed to a myriad of issues relating to the American healthcare system that are both startling and interesting. The movie was produced before the Obama Administration signed the Affordable Care Act into law, but Sicko reports that nearly 50 million Americans do not have health insurance. About 18,000 Americans die each year becau se they dont have health insurance. The system is clearly broken, and politics seems to have been the reason that insurance companies keep a strangle hold onRead MoreFinancial Planning Essay1041 Words   |  5 Pageschallenges of | |practicing ethical financial planning in Hong Kong and China.† | The financial climate is changing constantly with the changing of numerous influential factors. Financial planning is one of the financial industries which gradually developed from a vague concept to a recognized specialty. However, this industry is still in a young stage so that there are some problematic issues concerned especially in some AsianRead MoreThe Role Of Ethics And Differences For Nurses1613 Words   |  7 Pagesbest for their patients’ health, nurses are not met with the same high demands as doctors. The modern practice of medicine raises a plethora of complex issues, medical, ethical and legal and while the nurses is primarily focused on the patient, the doctor has much more to consider. Representatives from Industry: Insurance Companies Insurance companies are responsible for selling health care plans to people. When individuals, employers, organizations, and/or unions enroll in a health care planRead MoreBusiness Ethics: Case Studies1238 Words   |  5 Pagesfinancial and ethical risks. 4 Case 7: Microsoft Manages Legal and Ethical Issues. 5 Case 1: Monsanto Attempts to Balance Stakeholder Interests. Monsanto is a world renowned organization dealing in agriculture products. The seeds produced by the business are genetically modified. The genetically modified agricultural seeds and products are under strict criticism by various environmental, agricultural, and social groups. The non-governmental organizations are also vocal about the issues raised dueRead MoreEssay about Ethical Decision Making1551 Words   |  7 PagesThe importance of ethical decision making Ethical decision making involves acting in a morally correct and socially responsible way. The law is based on ethical principles. However, the law is only ethically relevant to the period in time which it was made. This means that the law will never be able to account for every course of action and that the responsibility lies with the decision makers to ensure they act in an ethical manner. White collar crime in Australia has resulted in the collapseRead MoreFuture Challenges Facing Healthcare in the United States1306 Words   |  5 PagesFuture Challenges Facing Health Care in the United States Issues affecting Health care in the United States The United States Health Care issue has been a challenge that many have given their opinions from different positions within the society in their attempt to come up with the most appropriate measures to tackle the Health Care Challenges facing the Nation. An efficient, affordable and accessible health care program is the most important issue which should be prioritized for a healthy nation. TheRead MoreAnalysis Of The Documentary Sicko By Micheal Moore1341 Words   |  6 Pages In the documentary film â€Å"Sicko† written by Micheal Moore he gives us deep analysis based on the health care system in American society. Sicko (2007) is a pseudo-documentary film that is rife with opinion and ethical dilemmas that cross over between businesses, government, and filter all down through to each and every one and a citizens of a larger global community. It is the compelling drilled down view of America’s failing healthcare system. Though there is no true plot to this fi lm, thereRead MoreDifferences Between Tort Law And Criminal Law1607 Words   |  7 Pagesthe principles that guide both nurses and physicians in their respective professions, otherwise known as ethical standards. Another agreement, bilateral contracts, involves a situation where two parties agree on certain terms (OSullivan Hilliard, 2016). Both the patient and the physicians can enter into a bilateral contract. Healthcare providers can also enter into contracts with insurance providers in a bilateral manner. Lastly, a unilateral contract involves a situation where one party makesRead MoreThe Issues Regarding Payment For Treatment1684 Words   |  7 PagesCurrently, health care is experiencing many potential ethical issues regarding payment for treatment. Among the practitioners facing these issues are occupational therapists, who are struggling to figure out how to provide quality care while upholding the reimbursement guidelines. Many patients are covered by a variety of diff erent insurance plans in the clinical practice field; payment for services is controlled by a variety of federal and private payment guidelines. This may often lead to a careRead MoreSimilarities Between Tort Law And Criminal Law1605 Words   |  7 Pagesthe principles that guide both nurses and physicians in their respective professions, otherwise known as ethical standards. Another agreement, bilateral contracts, involves a situation where two parties agree on certain terms (OSullivan Hilliard, 2016). Both the patient and the physicians can enter into a bilateral contract. Healthcare providers can also enter into contracts with insurance providers in a bilateral manner. Lastly, a unilateral contract involves a situation where one party makes

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System Documentation and Risk Analysis (JK Saddlerys Cashiering Funct

Question: Discuss about the System Documentation and Risk Analysis for JK Saddlerys Cashiering Function. Answer: Introduction The following report has been presented to JK so that a better management of daily business activities could be made possible. The report consists of the analysis done on the format in which things are done in his entity. The risks that are presented in the study is linked to the cashiering process. It has been described in a detailed manner along with the control steps that should be taken by JK for mitigation. Therefore after implications of the plan, it would be possible for JK to minimise the present risk regarding cashiering management. Part A Level 0 (logical) Data Flow Diagram of the case: This methodology is being used to show the process which is being used in the existing system. It can be ascertained from the flow of diagram than which information is made available to the system and which one is being received from it. The interaction with other systems is being also identified by using this technology (Liou, 2015). After the development of the system is being done, it could be checked that whether the initial requirement of the entity has been meeting. CASE i.e. computer aided software engineering are usually used for presenting data flow diagram because advantages are attached to it. In situation where CASE tools are utilized for formation of data flow diagram than the available advantages are that it will not allow use of a non-standard notation for all the items in the diagram and the other is that some rules have to be followed while using it which do not allow the user in making connections between the different items that should not be allowed. Data flow diagram of the case: Figure 1: Logical DFD Process Map It can be said that process map is a flow diagram of the primary processes of an entity. It specifically shows the persons who have been involved in the operations of the entity. It is not limited to a single department or function of the entity and all the operations of an entity are part of it (Dumas, Mendling and Reijers, 2013). There are seven types of process maps which include seven types of flow in accounting which are cash flow, disbursement flow, collection flow, information flow, material flow, quote flow and order flow. A flow of activities has been described by the process map. The interactions and sequence of related process steps can be called as the flow of the process. While drawing a process map it has been tried to minimise backflow of arrows that go from bottom to top or left to right. A better understanding of operations is available through process maps; they are also used for generating new ideas of process improvement or stimulate discussion (Gunasekaran, 2016). The process map is also used for highlighting the problems and identifying delays or gaps, duplication, bottlenecks of the operations of the entity. There may be various forms of process map but they all tend to use SIPOC format and a standard UML for symbols. Figure 3: Process map Assumptions: The sale is being done physically through stores and online stores as well. Sale order of online visitors is generated on the website of the store and made available to customers at the same time. The operation of JK Saddlers Ltd includes inflow of data of customers, making sales order, cashier management and Banking payments. The payment of online customers is received directly in the bank account of the entity. Analysis of data flow diagram: The diagram has been presented in accordance with information available regarding the case and assumptions which have been made as well. The diagram depicts that the information of customer sales order is received at the shop as well as at online stores (Evans, 2001). The sales order is prepared by the sales person and presented to the cashier for completion of other operations of the entity. It can be said that the flow of data moves to owner or management through the cashier. Part b: Risks present in current cashiering process: By considering the given case scenario following risk has been assessed in current cashiering process which has high possibility for imposition of threat on business: Management by a single person: In the present system, the main risk available in the cashiering process is that all the things are managed and controlled by one person only. In this case, if any fraud has been made by him than in that case he can make changes in all the accounts as in the system of the entity and in the mail received too. Allocated authorities: The other risk which is available in the system that is the authority present with the cashier regarding the selling price of the product (Mendling, 2013). As in the present case the entries have been made by the same person, cash collection and price determination is also being done by that person only. Hence, it is an easy job for him to manipulate the books of accounts in the manner he needed because he is responsible for all the related operations of management. Misuse of cash: In the present case risk regarding the misuse of cash is also available as no check has been made on the amount of cash collected on an everyday basis. It could be possible that the cashier uses the cash for some days and deposit again the same amount without informing the owner. Lack of synchronization: In accordance with the given situation, cash activities are not properly organized due to which business will face issue in cash management. Further, all activities are connected to previous one due to which there is high rigidity. Due to the above-cited risk, there is a high threat of manipulation in the cashiering process which can create a loss to the business. In addition to this, if these risks are not appropriately mitigated profitability and liquidity of the business will be adversely affected. Control plan to minimise the risk: In accordance with the above description, it can be noticed that JK is required to develop an appropriate plan to mitigate risk. For this aspect, they are required to take following steps: Recruitment of employees: JK should appoint more staff members as it is given in the case that it is a small retail business but has healthy cash flow. Therefore, JK is financially viable in appointing another employee (Chang, 2016). The format of management can be changed in a way that rather the operations should be distributed between them or the work of one should be checked by another. This step is required to be taken because constraint of employees is reducing their efficiency. In addition to this, recruitment of qualified staff will enhance their scope of profitability. Better control procedures: The authority of billing and collecting cash should not be made available to the same employee. Checking of work by the owner is not mentioned in the present case which is an important part of management. Surprise check regarding the price on which goods are being sold to the customer should be done to analyse the discount being allowed by the cashier. By applicability of above-described facts, better control process can be implemented. In addition to this, proper checking can be done to ensure quality in work performance. Policies and procedures: The risk regarding price can be controlled by making policies about the amount of discount or rebate in selling price will be available to customers. As the sale is done to both other retailers and individuals; different policies relating to discount allowed should be made available to the cashier (Rosemann and vom Brocke, 2015). The benefit available to the entity will be that the customers will avail discount as previously and risk regarding the selling price will be also eliminated. Updated technologies: An eye can be kept on the manager by using technology also. The camera can be installed at the place of the cashier to ascertain that whether the cash that has been collected by the cashier is being deposited the same day or not. The risk regarding misuse of cash can be avoiding by application of this policy. Conclusion In accordance with the present study conclusion can be drawn that risk regarding cashiering management is required to be mitigated in an appropriate manner else it can create severe issues for business. Evaluation of risk of JK Cashiering process shows that company is not managing their operational activities in a viable manner. It is because; there are various deficiencies in their control system. However, they can make improvement in their process by considering recommendation provided in the file for smooth cash flow. Along with this, management of the company will also be able to make a reduction in the possibility of risk of error. References Chang, J.F., 2016. Business process management systems: strategy and implementation. CRC Press. Dumas, M., Mendling, J. and Reijers, H.A., 2013. Fundamentals of business process management (Vol. 1, p. 2). Heidelberg: Springer. Evans, T., 2001. System Documentation. [Online]. Available through [Accessed on 19th August 2016]. Gunasekaran, A., 2016. International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking. [Online]. Available through [Accessed on 19th August 2016]. Liou, C.C., 2015. Study on establishment of quality management system documentation. Cengage learning. Mendling, J., 2013. Fundamentals of Business Process Management. In GI-Jahrestagung. P. 157. Rosemann, M. and vom Brocke, J., 2015. The six core elements of business process management. In Handbook on Business Process Management 1 (pp. 105-122). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. van Rensburg, A., 2008. A framework for business process management. Computers industrial engineering. 35(1). Pp.217-220.

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The Laws Of Swimming Essay Research Paper free essay sample

The Laws Of Swimming Essay, Research Paper Soon scientist are carry oning research to assist people derive new techniques in swimming. While scientists continue research for new swimming techniques, scientist must get down with early techniques of swimming as a athletics and portion of life. Learning how to swim is non easy. However, swimming is natural philosophies. There are Torahs, perkiness, retarding forces and gestures. To go a good swimmer one should take enterprise to larn how certain techniques evolved. This study will province a brief sum-up of the natural philosophies of swimming and its mechanics A novice swimmer must larn how to drift in H2O. This is known as perkiness, H2O that exerts an upward force against an object to the weight of the H2O that would be pushed aside by the object. For illustration, take three glass bottles the same size, each bottle weighs one lb and can keep five lbs of H2O. We will write a custom essay sample on The Laws Of Swimming Essay Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Leave one bottle empty and seal it and put it in H2O. Now the bottle floats high in the H2O with the bulk of the bottle above the surface. Then take the 2nd bottle and make full it with three lbs of H2O and topographic point the bottle in the H2O. Second bottle will drift perpendicular in the H2O. Finally, put five lbs of H2O in the 3rd bottle and infix it into the H2O. The 3rd bottle will drop to the underside but will drop perpendicular. Therefore, first bottle floats because it weighs one lb but pushes aside ten lbs of H2O. Thus it would take some attempt to force the empty bottle underwater. This is called perkiness. The 2nd bottle besides floats but floats perpendicular because three lbs displaces the five lbs of H2O. Although the 3rd bottle sinks, perkiness is still a factor. Thus the bottle is droping but it is droping upward. This is known as specific gravitation. Form Drag ? Form retarding force is opposition to the object? s form and profile to the water. ? For illustration, narrow H2O skis would go through through H2O more expeditiously than a broad H2O ski. The narrow H2O ski pushes less H2O aside than the wider skis. Second illustration to cut down retarding force is the streamlined place. ? To experience the difference, force off from the wall of the pool and seek gliding in assorted places: streamlined, with your weaponries out to the sides, and with your articulatio genuss flexed. As you increase the surface country the H2O must go through around, you increase from retarding force and can non glide as far. ? Wave Drag ? Wave retarding force is opposition caused by H2O turbulence. ? Wave retarding force besides occurs during velocity of the swimmer. The faster the swimmer swims the faster the moving ridge retarding force occurs in the pool. A swimmer can cut down beckon retarding force by smooth procedure of shots but, one must non utilize sprinkling arm entries to cut down beckon retarding force. On the other manus, swimmers can make beckon retarding force ; therefore lane Li Nes have been created to cut down retarding force. Frictional Drag Frictional retarding forces? is the opposition caused by the surface texture of the organic structure as it moves through the H2O. For illustration, to cut down frictional retarding force Olympic swimmers would shave the organic structure hairs to cut down frictional retarding force. This method is thought to increase the velocity of swimmers and cut down frictional retarding force. Law of Inertia The jurisprudence of inactiveness provinces? that a force is needed to travel a organic structure at remainder, to halt a organic structure that is traveling or to alter the way of a traveling organic structure. Law inactiveness effects on Water sports in two facets, foremost the jurisprudence of inactiveness can be divided into two sections. First inactive inactiveness? is the inclination of a organic structure at remainder to remain at rest. ? Swimmer must get the better of every clip he or she enters a pool because the inactive inactiveness of the H2O will defy any attempt alteration place. Second, Dynamic inactiveness? is the inclination of s traveling organic structure to maintain moving. ? To get the better of the jurisprudence of inactiveness, swimmer must present energy to finish a shot than to maintain traveling. Furthermore, dynamic inertia Lashkar-e-Taibas swimmers rest because your organic structure is traveling. However, if one remainder to long during dynamic inactivene ss, one might hold to over come inactive inactiveness. The Law of Acceleration The Law of Acceleration? provinces that the velocity of a organic structure depends on how much force is applied to it and the way of that force. ? The jurisprudence acceleration is relevant in swimming in two ways. First the more force you apply to a shot, the faster a swimmer will swim. Second swimming is more efficient when a swimmer chooses to remain in a chosen way when all your propulsive force is in the same way. The Law of Action and Reaction The jurisprudence of action and reaction provinces? that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. ? Reaction and Action can happen in H2O and land. For case, if a ball drops into a pail of H2O the ball stops in the H2O and the H2O will project from the pail. Thus it is making an action and reaction from the ball. A 2nd illustration, when one dives from a plunging board, the? board reacts to the force of your pess moving against it so you can take off for the honkytonk. ? The Law of levers ? The jurisprudence of levers is the merchandise of force and force arm is equal to the merchandise of the opposition and resistance. ? The jurisprudence of levers for swimming can be demonstrated in the arm shot and the forepart crawl. Arm muscles provide the force and the shoulder is the pivot point. Water is the opposition, which comes from the arm during the shots. The manner to better purchase is to utilize less force when swimming. For illustration, the forepart, creep a swimmer can execute this by flexing the cubitus, this reduces the force when needed 330